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If you were arrested and charged with a crime in Kansas, then you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side when it is time for your day in court.

Criminal Charge in Kansas City? Call Attorney, Mark Hagen at (913) 871-1007.

If you are accused of any crime in Kansas, from assault & drug possession, to DUI and traffic offenses like driving on a suspended license… I can help you fix this problem and move on with your life.

No matter what happened to you, whether you are being unfairly accused of something you didn’t do, or if you made a mistake you regret, I can help you work through your legal problems, and fight for the best possible outcome.

No case is unwinnable. I’ve had some great successes with cases where the initial facts seemed very bad. I’ve had lots of experience in defending a wide variety of Kansas criminal offenses. Knowing the law and the court system from practical, real world experience is key. And a little luck never hurts either, though I think a good lawyer still needs to recognize a take advantage of luck.

Even if you think you are guilty, and feel terrible about what happened, that is no reason to give up your rights and surrender to the mercy of the court without a fight. You deserve fair treatment, and the police and the government have a legal responsibility to act in a legal and appropriate manner.

If you are prepared to work out a deal, and just want to put this behind you, I completely understand. But you still deserve a fair deal not a harsh penalty. And if you try to work it out yourself, you’ll probably never know if you get a tough prosecutor and a law and order judge that push you into a punishment that is much harsher than what most people in your situation will get. It happens. But with an attorney, you’ll have the peace of mind you get from knowing that someone is looking out for what’s best for you.

I invite to you to ask me about any Kansas charge you are facing. I’ll let you know what I think of your case, and what you are facing. And, I’ll suggest a few options we can pursue if you choose to hire me. And I’ll always be honest about what I think a realistic outcome will be, and what it will cost to hire me.

I fight charges throughout the Kansas City area. My offices are in Overland Park, and I defend many clients in Johnson County courts. I also appear regularly in Missouri courts, particularly in Jackson County, MO.

If you are worried about a criminal charge, and don’t know what to do, please contact me.  I look forward to offering my help.

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