Drug Distribution and Manufacturing

Facing a serious felony drug charge such as Distribution and Manufacturing of Controlled Substances in the state of Kansas can cause you considerable worry and concern. Having a defense attorney on your side with the experience and knowledge of the local courts is crucial during these times. I have successfully defended many clients against these serious charges and I can fight for you.

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Whether you are charged with distribution, manufacturing, or attempting to manufacture any controlled substance, you are at significant risk of serious prison time, along with fines and the prospect of being labeled a convicted felon. These potential outcomes are harsh, frightening, and life changing.

As your attorney it would be my job to take a look at every aspect of your case, from beginning to end, and craft the best possible defense strategy. It could be that the evidence in your case was seized illegally and I can get it suppressed. Maybe your rights were violated at some point during the arrest and we can address that. The key to your case rests in the details, research, and preparation. My experience has been of significant benefit in getting successful outcomes in defending a number of serious felony drug offenses.

Your constitutional rights may have been violated in your arrest. It happens surprisingly often, and I won’t let them get away with it.

Successful Drug Defense Cases in Kansas – Examples

I have defended many clients accused of serious drug crimes. One case in particular involved a client of mine being pulled over after being followed through a store by the police. The officer witnessed my client purchasing perfectly legal substances, but those that are used in the manufacturing of methamphetamines.

Once out of the store and in his vehicle, my client was pulled over for no reason other than what the officer had seen while shopping. The traffic stop was illegal because there was no traffic violation and no warrant. Essentially the officer had no reason to stop the car. The evidence was seized and my client charged with intent to manufacture.

In court we worked to get the charges dropped based on the illegal seizure, and it worked. My client was able to walk away from those charges because his basic right against unreasonable searches was violated in the arrest and seizure.

Potential Penalties – Drug Distribution/Manufacturing in Kansas

The sentence you may be facing depends on your charge and also any criminal history of prior convictions you may have. This chart shows just a few examples of more common controlled substance charges in the state of Kansas.

Drug Offense Felony Crime Classification Potential Penalty
Manufacturing or attempt to manufacture a controlled substance Drug Severity Level 1 Up to 17 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.
Distribution or attempt to distribute a controlled substance Drug Severity Level 3

Drug Severity Level 1

1st offense: 4 years, 3 months in prison and $300,000.

2nd offense: 17 years in prison and $500,000.

These potential sentences typically represent a maximum and are dependent on your criminal history.

Other Felony Drug Charges in Kansas

Drug charges are sentenced differently from other felony cases and carry their own sentencing guidelines. The chart below represents how these offenses are classified and sentenced. The potential sentence is in months and only represents the presumptive or presumed sentence you could receive.

The judge is given a range to sentence you within and the presumptive sentence is simply the middle of this range. This means that you could be sentenced to slightly more or less time dependent on the specifics of your case.

Criminal History
1 prior Person Felony 1 prior Non-person Felony 2+ prior Misdemeanors 1 prior Misdemeanor or No criminal record
Severity Level I




















Ref: Kansas Statutes Chapter 65, Article 41

Any felony drug charge in Kansas is a serious and complicated matter. It is nearly impossible for any layperson to determine what they are facing, evaluate defense options, and decide what to do on their own. Please contact me for a free legal defense consultation on any Kansas City area drug charge.  I can offer you advice on what you are up against, and let you know exactly what I can do to help.