Indecent Liberties / Electronic Solicitation

Being accused of a crime against a child is extremely frightening. The courts and the public as a whole view people who take advantage of children in a very negative light. If you are facing charges like Indecent Liberties, Electronic Solicitation, or other sexual content related offenses you have probably already encountered these negative attitudes.

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Everyone in this country is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Despite how people may make you feel, the same is true for you when facing charges like these.

Electronic solicitation is becoming a common charge in Kansas, with could consist of contact via cell phone text messages, facebook, myspace, or other online networks. It can often be prosecuted in cases that make no sense, such as suggestive communications between teenagers only a couple of years apart. It is also very possible for the “evidence” to be misunderstood or overblown.

But these charges require an aggressive and speedy criminal defense. Please contact me as soon as possible for a legal consultation in the Kansas City area.

Successful Cases – Indecent Liberties in Kansas

Whether you are completely innocent of the charges against you or even if you made a huge mistake you now regret, we can help.

I have handled many cases like this in the Kansas criminal courts and know that you may have a long road ahead of you. As your attorney, however, I would work to ensure you got the best possible results on your day in court.

I have a great track record with cases like this and could very likely assist you get a favorable outcome. I can talk about similar cases I’ve had to yours, and help you understand your defense options, and what the possible outcomes are.

Whether that means possibly getting charges dropped or potentially negotiating a lighter sentence, we can take a look at the details of your case together and come up with the best plan.

Indecent Liberties – Potential Penalties

Indecent liberties with a minor is a serious offense. You may be facing this charge if the prosecution believes you did either of the following acts with a child over 14 and younger than 16:

  1. Any lewd fondling or touching of the child or you done with the intent to arouse or satisfy sexual desires of either the child or you, or
  2. Soliciting the child to engage in any lewd fondling or touching of someone else with the intent to arouse or satisfy the desires of any party.

This offense is a Level 5 person felony which carries a potential 55 month prison sentence, depending on your criminal record. This is a very serious length of time to spend behind bars and charge that should be met with an aggressive and hard-nosed attorney on your side.

Ref: KSA 21-3503

Aggravated Indecent Liberties

More serious than indecent liberties, aggravated indecent liberties carries much harsher potential penalties. If the prosecution believes they have probable cause that you did any of the following, you could face this charge:

  1. Sexual intercourse with a child older than 14 and younger than 16,
  2. Engaging in any act constituting indecent liberties, where the child does not consent, or
  3. Engaging in any act constituting indecent liberties where the child is under 14.

Aggravated indecent liberties with a child is an extremely serious felony charge. In determining your potential sentence many things are considered including your criminal history, your age, and the details of your case.

You could face as much as 100 months in prison depending on the exact specifics of your case. To find out for certain what kind of time you might be looking at, call me for a free consultation on your case.

Ref: KSA 21-3504

Electronic Solicitation

Electronic solicitation can be committed over the phone, internet or any other electronic means and is also considered a sexual offense. If there is probable cause to believe you did any of the following, you could face this serious charge:

  1. Enticed or solicited a person who you believed to be less than 16 years old to commit or submit to an unlawful sexual act,
  2. Enticed or solicited a person who you believed to be less than 14 years old to commit or submit to an unlawful sexual act.

If the alleged victim was under 16 you will face Level 3 felony charges which carry a potential sentence of 100 months in prison. If, however, you believed the victim to be under14 at the time you will face Level 1 person felony charges which carry up to 267 months in prison depending on your criminal record.

Ref: KSA 21-3523

These charges are very serious and I understand you may not know where to turn for help. I have helped many people in your same situation and am willing to help you as well. Call me today concerning the charges you are facing and see how I can put my experience to work for you.