Possession of Marijuana

If you’ve been charged with possession of marijuana in Kansas City and are unsure of what to do next, I can help you. You might feel like you can work something out with the prosecutor but you don’t know where to begin. You are likely intimidated by the court system and confused about the process.

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What you are going through is not unusual. I have personally dealt with many marijuana possession cases in courts across the Kansas City area, and know exactly what you are experiencing. I can say one thing from experience, knowing all of your options when you go to court is a necessity.

An experienced attorney is a vital piece of your criminal case and a local attorney, like me, can help you in ways you may not even realize. I know the players in the local court system. I have been working cases in Johnson County District Court and other courthouses in the area for years.

Successful Results in Marijuana Possession Cases

I strive to get my clients favorable outcomes on their marijuana charges. Did you know that the police must have a valid reason to stop your vehicle and search it for drugs? I’ve had clients who were stopped without valid reasons, and gotten possession charges completely dropped.

As your attorney it would be my job to ensure that your rights are protected from the instant you came in contact with the police. We will look at your case from all angles to ensure that nothing goes undetected. This way we can get the best outcome possible for your case in court.

Kansas Marijuana Laws

Under Kansas law, it doesn’t matter how much marijuana/pot/weed you are caught with. If you are caught with a roach you will likely be charged the same as if you are caught with a ½ ounce. This means that Kansas has some pretty strict marijuana laws and you will need all the help you can get.

The one thing that may affect how you are charged is if you have faced possession charges before. Previous offenses make can make these cases trickier. If you’ve been convicted of a drug charge before, we may have fewer legal defense options, and the stakes and penalties can be considerably higher.

1st Offense Possession of Marijuana

If this is the first time you have ever been charged with possession of marijuana, you will face Class A misdemeanor charges and a potential sentence of up to 1 year in prison and fines reaching $2,500.

2nd Offense Possession of Marijuana

If this marks a second or subsequent conviction for possession of marijuana, you may face felony charges. Felony possession of marijuana could get you as many as 10-42 months in prison and fines reaching all the way to $100,000.

Ref: Kansas Statutes 65-4162

Possession with Intent or Distributing Marijuana

If you are charged with this far more serious offense, you will face felony charges. This felony can carry anywhere from 14 to 51 months in prison. This means you could be spending the next 4 years of your life behind bars and be haunted with a felony record forever.

If you are charged with this offense and you are within 1,000 feet of a school or school property, your potential sentence is automatically elevated to 46-83 months.

This is true regardless of whether school was in session or even if the children were on summer vacation. If you are caught inside a home that is not visible from the school you can even be charged for this violation within a school zone.

Cultivation or Manufacturing Marijuana

If you are charged with growing marijuana plants, you only have to be caught with 5 plants to face very serious felony charges. If you are convicted of this offense, you face a potential sentence of 138 to 204 months in prison. This is a minimum of 11 ½ years behind bars!

Facing marijuana charges in Kansas is no small matter, even if you were caught with a small amount. My track record with these cases is well known and I would do my best to see that you had the most favorable result possible on your day in court.

I’ll be happy to talk with you about your marijuana charge in a no risk, free criminal defense consultation. I’ll tell you my experience with similar possession cases just like yours. So you’ll have a realistic option of what you could be facing, and what could happen to you. And I’ll let you know how I think I can help you, and what are chances are of beating the charges in court.

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