Domestic Violence Incident in KCK Turns Deadly

by on June 2, 2009

in criminal charges

Many people would be surprised at just how many homicides and assaults in the Kansas City Kansas area are domestic incidences. We hurt the ones we love the most is taken to a macabre extreme when we talk about domestic violence.

According to Sam Hartle at the Kansas City Kansan, a middle aged man was allegedly stabbed to death by a woman he had some sort of domestic relationship with. She was taken into custody at the scene.

It’s not clear what triggered the argument or what happened behind closed doors at the small house on N. 80th Place seen here in these photos. Often in situations like this drugs or alcohol is involved and that may have been the case here.

In order for the KCK Police Department to classify an offense as being domestic in nature, one of the following relationship-s must exist between the alleged aggressor and the victim: spouse or ex spouse, parents, children, roommates, former roommates, people who have a child in common, or people with an unborn child in common.  No reports indicate what the relationship was between the two people involved in this particular case.

Luckily, most domestic violence cases don’t get to this level of violence. Domestic battery, however, is still a very serious offense. The crime of domestic violence is taken seriously by the police who investigate it and respond initially to the scene, by the prosecution who decides to go forward with charges, and the judge or jury who determines guilt.

When facing such serious charges, it pays to have an experienced local KCK attorney on your side. If you are facing charges of domestic violence you likely feel that no one is on your side. Call me today and let me know about your case. I understand that we all make mistakes. Maybe that is the case in your situation.

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