Johnson County Criminal Courts

I practice regularly in many Kansas City area counts, particularly in Johnson county. If you are facing a charge or accused of any criminal offense, please call me to discuss your options. I’ll help you out with some advice and suggestions, and let you know exactly what I think will happen, and how I can help.

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Johnson County District Courts

The Johnson County District Court has general jurisdiction for all state criminal matters. This means if the state is prosecuting you in Johnson County, you will end up having your day in court here, at the courthouse in Olathe.

In addition to criminal cases, the District Court hears civil cases like divorce, probate, juvenile cases, and small claims. What does this mean for you? Expect a crowd and show up early; the Johnson County District Courthouse, located on the corner of Sante Fe and Kansas Ave., is typically pretty busy.

If you are facing charges in the 10th District and know you will be going before one of the judges at the Johnson Country District Court, a local attorney has some serious benefits.

Currently there are six judges that preside over criminal matters in Johnson County. Whether your case is before the Honorable Peter V. Ruddick or Judge Sara Welch, a local attorney who has is familiar with each of these six judges can be an advantage  over a newcomer from out of town.

Judges see many faces every day. When they begin to recognize someone as a fixture in the local legal community, a rapport exists. This doesn’t mean a local attorney can get favors from a judge but it does mean a judge will know if that attorney is someone who can be held in high regard.

Having practiced in Johnson County and having successfully defended cases in the District Courts here, I know, and am known by many judges and clerks. Having a lawyer with a reputation for professionalism and experience can benefit a client in numerous ways. I’m not at all saying I can cut you some backroom deal, it doesn’t work like that. But at a minimum, my arguments will be taken seriously, and I am more likely to get respectful consideration for my clients than a lawyer who is an unknown quantity.

Criminal charges are difficult to face regardless of who is representing you. You want an attorney who knows the ropes and knows the local system. Being represented by someone who has experienced numerous cases within the very walls your case will be tried in is a comfort.

Rest assured that I know the players in the Johnson County District Court. I know what you are facing and the people we need to work with to help get you the best possible results.