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by on August 26, 2009

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The chemical substance known as GHB has become a popular party drug and even considered (inaccurately) to be a bodybuilding aid in some circles. Once known as the “date rape drug”, it’s usage and popularity have become widespread.  This man-made chemical solution is addictive, illegal, and deadly.

This article in the Kansas City Star* details the stories of both a GHB party girl who lost her life to the drug and a rape victim who was unknowingly slipped GHB in her drink at a neighborhood party.

Whether the drug is taken knowingly or not, the effects are dramatic. Apparently one small capful is the equivalent of drinking 5 drinks instantly. This high level of intoxication is desirable among some partiers who push the line between what is safe and what is toxic.

When slipped unknowingly into someone’s drink, it doesn’t take much of the substance to cause the victim to be highly intoxicated and unable to control their muscles. Their memory of any events while under the influence can be hazy, at best.

The ignorance about this drug isn’t likely to last, however, as it becomes more common. Employee drug tests don’t test for the substance and neither do home testing kits as the mother of Alina Bostic realized after her daughter had succumbed to addiction.

To watch someone slip into the grips of addiction can be devastating. To be arrested for being in possession of a drug like GHB can be equally life changing, but may be the chance someone needs to get help.

If you are facing drug charges, I understand that doesn’t necessarily make you an addict. However, the state of Kansas has programs to assist first time drug offenders. These programs may help you avoid jail time.

Call me to tell me about the details of your case today. Whether you are charged with marijuana possession or distributing meth, I can help.

*article removed from source

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