Kansas Sexting Case Likely to End in Plea Agreement

by on August 28, 2009

in criminal charges

The case of the police officer sending naked pictures of himself from a police computer is likely to end in a plea agreement.

According to the Kansas City Star, the (now former) police officer in Goddard, Kansas was offering to attempt get a drunk driving charge dismissed for a Wichita woman in exchange for a sexual relationship.  He was also charged with wire fraud.

While a case like this suggests many level of impropriety, illegal behavior, and abuse of police authority, most so called “sexting” cases are far more innocent. Kids who send sexually suggestive texts or images can be charged with Indecent Liberties and Electronic Solicitation, even when both are minors, or only a few years apart.

While some people suggest that this kind of behavior is still outrageous and illegal, it is common for teens in particular to experiment with their budding sexuality. Add in the pervasiveness of cameras on phones and other technology, and a dose of old fashioned peer pressure, and kids are bound to due stupid things.

Yet police, prosecutors, and some parents in Kansas can overreact to these situations. You don’t want a stupid mistake to create a juvenile or adult criminal record, or result in a label as a sexual offender.

Most of this should absolutely not be criminal behavior and should be kept out of Kansas courts.

If you or someone you know is facing charges for sexting, or electronic solicitation in Kansas, please contact me to see how I can help.

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