Text Messages Making Their Way Into Johnson County Courts

by on May 12, 2009

in criminal courts

As this report from KSHB Action News details, the Johnson County prosecutor is seeing an upswing in criminal cases that involve text messages. Just like letters or telephone calls can be used as evidence, so can these common little blurbs.

Everyone is texting these days and often people don’t think about the words they are typing. Text message transcripts have so far been used in domestic violence cases where the messages constituted a threat to another person.

As Matthew Bergel from the Overland Park Police Department states, “Anytime a message rises to the point where somebody is feeling threatened, or there is a threat against someone specifically, it would rise to the level of a crime.” This is true for text messages, emails and even facsimiles.

This means that text messages also cross the lines of many protection orders. If you have a restraining order taken out against you, texting the protected person could be a violation of the court order. You could even be charged with stalking if your text messages put someone in fear of their own safety.

Bottom line is, think about your actions. Text messages may seem harmless but they can end up as evidence against you in a court of law. Don’t text anything you would be wary of saying. In a court of law your words, whether typed or spoken, carry a lot of weight.

If you face charges in a domestic violence case or a stalking case in Kansas, I can certainly help. As a common fixture in the Johnson County criminal courts, I know what you are facing and can assist you in determining the best defense strategy.

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