Western Kansas Principal Faces Multiple Charges in Johnson County

by on January 5, 2010

in criminal charges

A High School principal is facing a number of serious criminal charges relating to a domestic incident prior to being hired.

According to the Hutchinson News, the newly appointed principal in Stanton County High School faces multiple criminal charges in the Johnson County Courts. Scheduled for trial on January 4th, the 36-year-old is facing violating a protection order, aggravated burglary, arson, and criminal damage.

Apparently the charges were filed prior to him getting the job in Stanton county in August of 2009. They arose from a domestic incident in August of 2008 that took place in Olathe.

He is accused of burglarizing a home where his wife and another woman were present. He is said to have caused damage to numerous items and set her 2007 Camry on fire.

Stanton County school officials state they knew he had pending court issues but were unaware that they involved criminal charges. An attorney for the school system, David Shriver, believes a background check was done on him  prior to his hiring but states “all charges are allegations at this point…they may not result in a conviction.”

According to the Hutchinson article, his defense will be that he lacked a proper mental state at the time of the incidents in question. This, the school system states, is a potential cause for concern.

Domestic violence issues like this one can affect your ability to get and keep a job. Because he had no conviction from these cases at the time of his hiring, he was likely under no legal obligation to tell his potential employer about the case.

However, once you are convicted of a charge like this, you have to divulge it to employers. Although this can be embarrassing and potentially impact your ability to be hired, not disclosing the information can lead to your termination at a later date.

Employment problems aren’t the only concern after a felony conviction. If you are facing criminal charges and curious about the potential impact they may have on your future, I understand.

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